The Mystery after the curse

After Mahsuri was been killed, Langkawi is not in the peace condition because of her curse. After few years,  Langkawi was attack by Siam army and all the resident have been arrested and were forced to be slave. Other than that, Mahura and Dato Seri Kama Jaya have died in war. 
According to Dato Wan Ibrahim bin Wan Soloh, the rice that have stored was burnt during the war. According to old folk, due of unfavorable condition of Langkawi to win in the war, Dato Seri Kama Jaya has ordered all the villagers to plant their rice source in order not to fall into the enemy's hands. since their defeat in war,  the rice that have been plant were burnt. Through the story, burned rice was occurred at Padang Mat Sirat in Langkawi and until now when it rain, the rice will pop out of the ground.   

Burned rice field at Padang Mat Sirat

 Burned rice

 the information about history of burnt rice field

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