The Curse

The curse happen when Mahsuri was accused of having affair with Deramang. Because of this charge, Dato Seri Kama Jaya was angry and directly  an ordered to arrest Mahsuri without do investigation. Mahsuri was arrested and brought her to Padang Hangus to be bound at the tamarind tree. 

Illustration when Mahsuri was arrested 

Mahsuri was surprised and begging that she was not guilty. But, Dato Seri Kama Jaya do not want to hear Mahsuri appeal even though the resident of village protest his order. 

To kill Mahsuri, two spears have been use to kill her but then that spears cannot penetrate into her body and this incident has surprise the resident and they become weird. After the killings are failed, Mahsuri told that if they really want to kill her, they need to use her family's spear that kept at her house. Because, only that spear can kill her.  

Mahsuri was stabbed by her own spear. But, when Mahsuri was stabbed the white blood flowed out from her body and this mystery have been surprised the resident also. Why Mahsuri blood become white????.... 

the example of spear that be used to kill Mahsuri

Before Mahsuri blow the last breath, she has curse the land of Langkawi that Langkawi will not achieve peaceful until her 7 generations end...  
According to Dato Wan Ibrahim bin Wan Soloh, after Deramang heard about this story, he had run away from Langkawi to Perlis and no news heard about him after Mahsuri tragedy.  

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