Conflict - "the slander"

Mahsuri's husband force to leave his family for the business reasons. Wan Mat Deris have to sailed to Siam for a few months. During Wan Mat Deris sailed, Mahsuri have to leave with her family and always be monitored by family-in-law. Through the Mahsuri story, during in the absence of  her husband, a man who traveled from Malacca has come to her village and he was known as a man that have ability in recite poetry. He have a melodious voice in delivering the poem. The name given is Deramang.

One day, Deramang has come to Mahsuri's house, and because of sympathized on that man, Mahsuri has invited Deramang to stay for a while with her family. Every night, Pandak Maya always wanted him to recite the poem in front of the residents at his house and immediately become a spots to the public. Start from that, people loved to visit Mahsuri's house and indirectly Mahsuri become a topic to the people. Besides, the relationship between Mahsuri and Deramang become more close but not more than friends relation. But, have certain people do not satisfied with this relationship. Once Mahsuri become more popular Mahura felt insecure with her and afraid that her husband will lost popularity as a Chief in Langkawi and worried if Dato Seri Kama Jaya still had feelings towards Mahsuri.

Because of this particular issues, Mahura has accused Mahsuri for having affair with Deramang. Mahsuri was slandered for being involve in close proximity with Deramang and the proof is the rings that worn by Deramang is Mahsuri's ring. Actually, that ring is a gift from Mahsuri to Deramang because of to appreciate Deramang's work in reciting the poem.

Back to the charge, Dato Seri Kama Jaya had sentenced to death on Mahsuri without make investigation Mahsuri was arrested and brought to Padang Hangus to be bound at the tamarind tree.

Animation version of Mahsuri's legend

Mahsuri's house that become a spot to the residents 


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