Who is Mahsuri?


Mahsuri story have been existence around reign of Sultan Abdullah Mukarram Shah III in year (1778-1797) and Sultan Ziyauddin Mukarram Shah II ibni al-Marhum Sultan Muhammad Jiwa Zainal Azilin Muadzam Shah (1797-1803) in Kedah.

There is a poor family whom living in Langkawi island. According to Dato Wan Ibrahim bin Wan Soloh,the husband name is Pandak Maya and the wife name is Mek Andak Alang. They have a beautiful daughter name Mahsuri Binti Pandak Maya. Through the story, Mahsuri was raise as a beautiful woman rather than the other women. Besides, she also has been raised as a good girl with good manners such as respect the older. Hence, all man around Langkawi adores and admires her beauty. Actually, Mahsuri is from Siamese descendent because her parents are originally come from Kampung Kemala, Phuket, Thailand. Her parents migrated to Langkawi to find a better life. Actually, Pandak Maya can be said as rich family in Langkawi because he has wide paddy field and he also involve in bird’s nets business in Langkawi.

Mahsuri's grave

Mahsuri's house

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