Mahsuri's Life

According to the previous entry, I’ve said that Mahsuri is a beautiful woman in Langkawi and has been raised up with good manners and be a good girl until all man in Langkawi become her secret admirer and her beauty become a topic. According to Prof. Dr Mohd Isa Othman, because of Mahsuri beauty, have a man falling in love with her which is Dato Seri Kama Jaya the Chief of Langkawi on that time. When he heard about Mahsuri’s beauty and seen for himself, he tried to get Mahsuri to be his second wife. But, his desire was declined because of have been blocked by his wife, Mahura. Because of this conflict between Mahura and her husband, she has been jealous and holds resentment. But, after this quarrel end, Dato Seri Kama Jaya has suggested to plan a wedding between his son and Mahsuri. His son name is Wan Mat Deris. This married have been plan with successfully and Pandak Maya did not refuse this planning. After marriage, they have a son name is Mat Arus and they lived happily and living together.

Illustration portrait of Mahsuri

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