The End of 7 Generations

Wan Aishah is the seventh-generation of Mahsuri

According to Kedah Historical Society,they have found the last generations of Mahsuri and they have been confirmed that Wan Aishah binti Wan Nawawi as the first seventh-generation descendant of Mahsuri. Thus, the curse apparently ended when Wan Aishah or her Siam name Sirintra Yayee was born on 1985. Actually,Wan Aishah lives in Kamala Phuket, Thailand and now she was married with Alee Tongyun in April 2010. She ever comes to Malaysia at age 12 years to receive Mahsuri's potrait

When Wan Aishah receive portrait of Mahsuri
Wan Aishah when 12 years old
Wan Aishah and her family
Wan Aishah and her husband
According to Kamala resident from Phuket Heritage Website, the genealogy of Mahsuri's descendant is:

Sirintra is the eldest child of Wan Nawawi,
the son of Wan Hasheen@Chern Yayee,
the son of Wan Hussein,
the Son of Wan Hakay,
the son of Wan Agim,
the son of Mahsuri (Mat Arus)

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